Our story

Since our foundation in 1985 with the head full of ideas we decided to use simple, good ingredients, to make bread the old fashioned way.
We believe that organic food is better for people and for the planet and we don't believe that bread, which makes up so much of our diet, should be made with emusifiers and e-numbers, or hydrogenated fat, which aren’t allowed in organic bread. Today we are London’s best loved organic bakery in the heart of the city baking delicious bread, pastries and cakes with love in the artisan way.

The organic pride

Organic food production uses a minimum of 95% organically grown ingredients, but we actually use 100%.

In brief, organic farming is growing crops without resorting to routine use of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, using natural methods of controlling pest and fertilising the land. This is the way man has farmed and grown crops from the beginning of time using the tools nature gave him.

Organic farming increases biodiversity and raises wildlife numbers on the farmland, including plants, insects and birds. Wildlife is a vital part of organic farming, as it is used for pest control. It makes farming an integral part of nature, preserves fertile soil by keeping it healthy and does not cause damage to the environment, leaving it intact for future generations, and produces nutritious food.

We don"t like to eat chemically treated food or inflict damage on the environment; we therefore don"t think you would. We also think it is easier to make tasty cakes when using organic ingredients. They are so full of flavour, it would be silly not to use them.
We actually don"t think our organic cakes should have to be labelled specifically as organic. The ones on the shelves next to them made from conventionally farmed ingredients, containing flavourings, colour and preservatives should be labeled "warning " contains chemicals". This would, in our opinion, be a more appropriate way to classify organic and conventional food.